Slower Skincare for a Better Planet

Slower Skincare for a Better Planet

The skincare and beauty market is a busy place. With the rise in consumers wanting more innovative products the growth within this industry over the years has been exponential.

However, we have really started to see a shift in how consumers look at their bathroom shelf. With research post pandemic from Global Web Index they reported 43% of females simplified their skincare routine and 34% of men did the same. They also reported that 15% of females bought from sustainable and natural beauty brands, and 24% of men did the same. 

As a natural, organic, vegan, skincare brand who manufactures in house and oversees all aspects of production, these figures are hugely important to us and they are only on the rise. 

So how are we slowing our impact on the earth as a brand?

We support local farmers in rural France and Morocco and buy ingredients directly from them. We source sustainable ingredients from reliable producers. For example, we use the FairWild Foundation to find producers to source our Frankincense which comes directly from Somaliland. It is harvested in areas owned and managed by local communities. This supports the local economy and protects the biodiversity of the region. When you buy our products you are supporting all of our producers who are carefully chosen and truly doing brilliant things for their community and mother nature. 

We use glass bottles across our range of products and almost all our packaging is recyclable, (minus the tops of our bottles). As a brand we try to minimise our impact on the earth as much as we can and it's something we are proud of and will continue to do. 

We created a simple skincare line for a reason. We provide you with the essentials you need to feel and look glowing, hydrated and healthy, but also to reduce the impact we are having on the earth.

We will never release products just for the sake of it or to stay relevant. We like to empower you to look and feel your best, by using premium ingredients, sourced from incredible places, that actually deliver results in 3 simple steps and that support people that really need it. 

From our point of view, it looks like the previous rise in the Korean 10 step beauty routine and the damage that face wipes were doing to our planet are now on everyones radar. The tides really are turning, the need for more, or less in fact, is now truly at the forefront of our spending habits. By shopping mindfully and supporting business's that are actively trying to do better not only saves your bank balance but it saves the earth too.