Summer Skin

Summer Skin

It’s hotter than it’s ever been and it’s going to get hotter this summer. No matter where you live, it's hard to escape the unprecedented summer temperatures. Besides the ‘drink more water’ and ‘protect your skin with an SPF’ messages, here are a few other summer skincare tips and tricks:


1. When the heat is humid, the issue will be less about hydration and more about oil production.

 The sebaceous glands are connected to our sweat glands – so anytime we are working hard to balance the body’s temperature, oil production increases. That’s why many of us who never suffer from breakouts will find some unwelcome visitors popping up in the heat.

 Tip: Gently exfoliate to slough off that extra layer of dead skin cells that might be clogging pores due to increased oil production.



2. When it comes to hydration think of your cheeks!

 A wide ranging study from 2019 found the greatest water loss (TEWL) due to increased temperatures occurred on the cheeks. Hyaluronic acid is the best product for hydrating your skin. Always apply to slightly damp skin.

 Tip: Apply hyaluronic acid twice per day when it’s hot. The HA compound lasts on skin for about 8 hours so morning and evening when it’s hot is a great idea. And pay extra attention to your cheeks as that is the area where your face loses the most moisture.



3. Let’s settle this: when should you apply your SPF in your skincare routine?

Apply sunscreen before you apply makeup or foundation. Whether you use a chemical sunscreen (sinks into skin to work) or a mineral sunscreen (acts like a shield to deflect sun’s rays) you need to let your sunscreen settle before applying any makeup or foundation. If you use a chemical sunscreen you can do your skincare routine before or after applying sunscreen. For a mineral sunscreen, do your skincare routine first then apply the sunscreen afterwards. Don’t forget to top up every few hours and be generous with your sunscreen.

Tip: Best rule of thumb no matter what kind of sunscreen you use: skin routine, sunscreen, makeup. In that order!