The Benefits of Dry Brushing

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is an easy skincare technique with many surprising and hidden benefits for your skin and your mood. Originally an Ayurvedic technique, dry brushing goes beyond the surface of your skin and helps with lymphatic cleansing and stimulating the blood flow below the skin’s top layer and energising the systems that contribute to healthy skin. Here are a few benefits:

1.  A great exfoliator. When you dry brush, you’re sloughing all the dead skin that’s clogging your pores and preventing cell renewal. Dry brushing stimulates cell turnover (which slows down as you age). A good session with the dry brush will kickstart your skin’s regeneration. That means smooth, glowing and more elastic skin.

2.  Detoxification. By clearing your skin, your pores can now eliminate toxins more efficiently and this means a lighter load for your lymphatic system.

3. Blood circulation. The mechanics of dry brushing stimulate blood circulation feeding the systems that support healthy skin.

4. Moisturised skin. After you’ve dry brushed, your skin will better absorb and retain the benefits of your moisturiser or body oil.


How to Dry Brush

Skin brushing is best done in the morning before your bath or shower. Start with dry skin free from oil or lotion. Make sure the room is warm so you can take time and fully relax.

  1. Take your brush and using pressure that is comfortable, massage your skin with circular motions. Start at your feet and sweep up towards your heart.
  2. Make your way up your whole body and once you have reached your heart start from each hand and move along your arms to your heart.
  3. Massage your shoulders and neck.
  4. Apply less pressure on your torso and stomach or areas where your skin feels more sensitive.
  5. After you’ve worked your body, step into a warm shower or bath.
  6. Leave skin slightly damp and apply body oil or lotion to your skin. In Ayurvedic traditions the oil is slightly warmed before applying.

     How Often and Whose it For

    Dry Brushing is great for everyone. If you have very sensitive skin, give it a try but use a light touch to start. Most people find dry brushing 1-2 days per week beneficial. If you have any rashes or open sores, avoid those areas.

    How it Impacts Your Mood

    Dry brushing does two different things to your body: it stimulates your nervous system and at the same time dry brushing can be very calming. When combined, you can feel very energised but at the same time relaxed. Combine that with glowing and smooth skin, what's not to love!